Sunday, December 11, 2011


It's nearly Christmas, and magic is filling the air once again. I just absolutely love this season, but I am completely bogged down with work that I have been procrastinating for the past few weeks. Ugh. I mean, who wants to write an 8 page research paper on the relevancy of the European Union?? Not exactly my idea of fun. So instead I've been opening dozens of tabs on my internet explorer page and going on tumblr and weheartit and twitter. It's kind of a problem. I don't have a facebook right now because I deactivated it because I was so sick and tired of staring at people talking about themselves all the time. So disgusting. But now that I haven't had it for several months, I'm thinking of putting it back up after I finish my paper. Which I HAVE to finish by this coming Friday because I have multiple Christmas parties next weekend. Pressure!! But in all honesty, I don't really care all that much. AP comparative government is the best class ever, but it's just a class that I'm taking so it'll look good on college apps. I don't really care about getting an A+ in it if you know what I mean... So I'll settle for a B.

Anywayyyys..... I really need to go Christmas shopping. I decided that I'm going to buy some jewelry for my closest girlfriends and bake cookies and such for the rest of my friends. Now I just need to find the time to do this. Oh, boy.

14 days!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One big mac, please?

I've decided that I really want a MacBook Air for Christmas. They're so cool and light and so easy to type on. Your fingers just sort of glide over the keys. It's gorgeous. I'm going to need a laptop for college anyways, so why not just purchase one now and get it out of the way? I mean, I'd definitely keep it in tip-top shape so I wouldn't have to worry about updating it or anything. I just really need my own computer for schoolwork and such because my mom's laptop is just terribly slow. Plus my father works from home so he's constantly occupying our home computer. It makes it very difficult to get done what needs to get done for school, especially when I'm enrolled in two AP classes this semester and one of them is a rigorous writing course.

Now the only problem is deciding what size to purchase. 11" seems like a very small screen to me, even though that is the cheapest laptop Apple offers, which is $999. (Unfortunately, I think that I am going to have to be the one to pay for most of this purchase, so I'm going to need to bust my butt babysitting in the near future if I ever want this dream to come true.) So the next size up is 13", and I think that this would be the best size to spend my money on. The laptop that I'm on right now is 15" I think, so 13" would be quite manageable for me, I would imagine.

Basically, this piece of technology would be my Christmas and seventeenth birthday present combined. Rock on! *crossing my fingers*

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trying something new!

Well, this is my first ever blog so I'm just experimenting here, to see how things work and such. I hope that this blog will be successful! Yes, it is really late right now, so I had better be getting to sleep.
Good night!